In all our Rolex Gold Swiss replica watches we use 5 Layers of Real 18k Yellow Gold or Rose Gold. We follow the electro-plating process and this method allows us to deposit a pre-defined quantity of real gold onto our watches. The plating is so solid that we can guarantee that nothing happens to the shade of the gold for many many years to come and our Gold Rolex super clone watches will feel and shine exactly like the original.

You as a Customer who has never experienced our 18k Gold Rolex Super Clone Watch before may have many questions relating to the Gold in our watches. So answering all the most asked questions below in detail.

1. Will the Yellow Gold / Rose Gold or other colours used in these Rolex Swiss replica watches ever fade ?

Our Rolex Gold Swiss replica watches stay the same shade of Gold for a very very long time, just as the original. The Gold will never fade, because it is not fake Gold – it is Real 18k Gold Plating, that too 5 layers. You may have seen cheaper Chinese made watches that have faded on you in the past. The Chinese watch makers cannot afford to use solid 904L stainless steel, or even real 18k gold or rose gold or PVD Plating. The stainless steel on those Chinese watches is 316L (Low quality), and the gold used is merely a gold type ‘colour’ which is then polished upon as a thin layer. This thin layer usually lasts for a few months on Chinese watches, before the acid in your sweat starts corroding it. After that, the fake gold will wear off, and all you see is a cheap base metal.

On the other hand, on our 18k Gold Rolex replica watches – We do Genuine 18k Gold Plating / Wrapping by a revolutionary gold plating technique using solid 18k gold and titanium nitride which offers 100x more durability. They can even be polished without fade. Our Rolex Gold replica watches can last many years and still look new.

The important thing to note over here is, we use 904 L Grade Stainless Steel as the base metal to manufacture all our Rolex Gold Super clone watches and 5 layers of real 18k Gold plating is done over this 904 L steel. Also, 904 L is the same grade of steel that Rolex uses to manufacture all their Stainless Steel watches. However, they don’t call it 904 L steel, and instead they have given it a fancy name, that is ‘Oyster Steel’.

This grade of steel is very strong, rust proof and acts as a very stable base metal to do our gold plating over it. This is why our Gold plating is so high quality and long lasting, because the base metal is in itself very high quality and retains the gold layers bound together very effectively. On the other hand, other Rolex replica manufacturers do not use the 904 L steel, so their base metal in itself is cheap quality and this is one more reason that their fake gold color fades quickly. We use the Electro Plating process to do Gold plating on our Rolex Gold Swiss Replica Watches. This way the plating quality is solid and can never wear off. We specialize in plating all 3 different kinds, namely, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. Our 18k Gold Rolex replica watches can be worn for daily use without any second thought.

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Our 18k Gold Rolex super clone watches can also be polished from time to time to keep them shining just like original watches. If still any more questions regarding the quality of gold we use, you can reach out to us.

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